John Roach

Szobrászok (munkák) - Sculptors (works)
2B Galeria. Budapest, Hungary
December 2006
Project Title: Sweet Music

From the call for works invitation
"The destruction of the statue-idol of Stalin was one of the most emblematic events of the Hungarian Revolution which, in addition to its historic significance, raises several questions for posterity: Why and how does one create an idol? What is an idol? How does the meaning of a monument change? Who is an artist - is the destruction of idols an artistic act?"
Instructions from 2B Gallery
"We will send respondents a small cutout of the infamous Stalin statue and an A4-size cardboard backing. Please incorporate the stenciled photograph and backing in some way in your artwork and mail your contribution for this exhibition to Alma On Dobbin in Brooklyn, NY by October 25, 2006, or it must be sent directly to the 2B Gallery inBudapest, Hungary.".


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project: Sweet Music