John Roach

SSSSD - The Sweet Sweet Sound of Self Destruction
The Self-Destructing Art Show
Flux Factory
Long Island City, New York
November 2010

36 self destructive artists are entombed in the grooves of an edition of six 10" clear vinyl platters.
A motel room is the scene their temporary resurrection as they burn briefly once again.

A record player sits on a table in what appears to be a nondescript motel room. The turntable is outfitted with one of a limited edition of 6 clear vinyl records containing an 8 minute sound collage made up of audio from 36 self destructive musical artists. Small paper reproductions of these musicians and composers (Jimi Hendrix, Darby Crash, Modest Mussorgsky, Charlie Parker, etc) are attached one by one to the tone arm and then burned as the record plays. The debris from the immolating artists falls on the record making it, in time, unplayable. Mounted over the record is a small video camera that captures the record's clear surface as it quickly becomes encrusted with ash. This image is presented on a television knocked on its side on the carpeted floor.

S.S.S.S.D includes a limited pressing of six 8 minute 10" clear vinyl record containing an audio collage of all of the musicians represented in the installation. These records will be for sale at the following prices:
Undestroyed version: $100
Post-Destruction version: $200
includes frame, ashes of the deceased, invoice/death certificate, and one original watercolor effigy of your choosing (subject to availability)
Combination package of post-destruction and undestroyed version: $275

If you are interested in purchasing an edition please contact me using the form to the left.

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Preliminary installation drawing.

Bix Biederbecke, Will Shatter, Darby Crash

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SSSSD Video. 22 minutes 18 seconds
































The Self-Destructing Art Show

Opening Saturday, November 6 at 11am Performances at 6pm
Through Tuesday, November 23 2010
Open weekends 12 - 6, or by appointment

This year marks the 50th anniversary of “Homage to New York,” Jean Tinguely’s seminal self-destructing sculpture.* After fifty years, “Homage to New York” remains one of the most radical pieces in the history of modern art. In an art scene dominated by the commodification of art objects, Tinguely’s gesture is a crucial reminder that not all art can be possessed. Flux Factory will pay tribute to the work by asking artists to respond to “Homage to New York.” We will explore the potential of destruction as a creative force and the fleeting beauty of decay. Some pieces will go with a highly performative bang during the opening, and others will slowly dwindle and decay throughout the show. Nothing will survive!

Participating artists: Ranjit Bhatnagar; David Carson; Brendan Coyle; Daupo; Ben Dierckx; Kerry Downey & Claudia Peña Salinas; Nicholas Fraser; Hackett & Ryan O’Connor; Johanna Povirk-Znoy; John Roach; Dana Sherwood; Angela Washko.

Curated by Jean Barberis and Georgia Muenster.



The Queens Chronicle
Elizabeth Daley, Queensboro Editor|November 11, 2010


Self-Destroying Art At The Flux Factory

by Gordon Fitch