John Roach



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The Roach-A-Phonic Band-O-Phone was the first of a line of many rubberband instruments. After creating some styrofoam instruments which were bowed with rubber tubing, I set out to make some instruments in which rubber was bowed. These instruments can be played either with the smooth spinning shaft of a motor or with a bow made of rubber tubing, plexglass or metal.



This band-o-phone was used for the CD "Songs of the highlands."
This is a brief audio exerpt called "Lone Isla Craig"




This instrument was an experiment in using a repetetive rhhythmic band-o-phone using a motor and a bent rubber tube that would strike the rubber band.


The The Band-O-Fly

The Band-O-Fly was inspired by a small child's toy called a Bee Buzzer. The toy is made up of a rubber band wrapped around a light wooden slat equipped with a cardboard fin. When it is spun over the head by its attached string, it makes a simple buzzing sound. I created a few of these using larger slats of wood and multiple rubber bands which introduces a more complex sound that shifts with the speed of the Band-O-Fly. I then amplified the instruments using piezo pick-ups. The effect is intense and surprising, especially when it is coupled with the odd visual of a performer spinning this instrument over his head.